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Spring 2024 Silhouette Patterns!

We are proud to introduce our four new Spring 2024 Silhouette Patterns! We would like to thank everyone who has contributed their ideas and support this season, you have helped make these patterns possible! 

We are so excited to see how our sewing community will make up these new patterns! 

Spring 2024 Silhouette Patterns - We have created a short video of these new patterns. To view, see the link below that will take you to YouTube and enjoy these Spring 2024 colors and styles.

This year we are offering an online class, "Spring Beginnings". This class  takes an in depth look at each pattern to help you get the most out of these patterns. Click HERE to learn more!

Here are our latest four Silhouette Patterns: 

#094 Halsbrook Off-Shoulder Poncho

#224 The Asymmetical Wrap Tunic/Dress

#324 Crossover Cardigan/Tee

#3424 Dual Layer Palazzo Yoga Pant

Spring 2024 Silhouette Patterns - Our Ideas are inspired by the community.  Join our Facebook and share your great creations!

Click HERE to watch a short video featuring these 4 patterns on YouTube.

094 Front 224 Front
324 Front 3424 Front