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Silhouette Patterns Webcast Channel
This Program Aired:
Monday, February 6, 2017. 8PM CST.
Topic: #915 Hugo's Favorite Cardigan / February PoM!

Featured Patterns: #195 Sweater Set | #215 Nicky's Favorite Top | #315 BCBG'S Top | #915 Hugo's Favorite Cardigan
Featured Patterns: #3100 Laurie's Pant | #3300 Lana's Jean

Featured Fabrics: Snakes in the Gold Pit Knit | Blurred Vision Webbed Lace Stretch Netting | Dark Navy Cotton Knit
Featured Fabrics: Teal Cotton Knit | Winter Stepping Stones Gray/Cream Poly | Italian Winter Swirls Acrylic Woven | Deep Brown Italian Lamb Leather Skin

Featured Accessories: Italian Navy Beaded Neck Piece | Black Matte Onyx/Diamond Pave Necklace | The French Cure

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