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SPIFFY Pattern Fitting Instructors- Level 1 and Level 2

Spiffy means - (Silhouette Pattern Instructor Fitting For You!)

As sewers, we all know that fit is the number one issue facing the home sewer today. I hear it over and over. The pattern and sewing industry in general has done a poor job of educating us to understand fit. Fit is easy, if you know how. This is where we come in.

I know fit as well as pattern making which is the reason for the success of Silhouette Patterns. When I decided to come out with a pattern line I had 2 prerequisites; easy to understand and they had to fit. I know fit is not difficult if you are given the correct information. I have taught it over and over and have fine tuned teaching fit. Now I have designed a program where I will teach you fit. You can in turn build a business teaching fit in your local area or you can just use it for yourself personally. You can attend trade shows, local stores, or just do personal fittings in your home. The beauty is that you can tailor this to your individual schedule and build your business as you would like. You could continue with your existing job, build this on the side, then make the switch to doing something you love for a living.

You will have the option to purchase all Silhouette Pattern Products at wholesale, on the condition that you resell them to your customer base. As always, I will be available to support you in the field with your questions and concerns. You are responsible for travel and lodging expenses.

Schedule of week Level 1: (August 4-7, 2022) Level 1 is for those never taking fitting workshop before.

Schedule of week Level 2: (August 12-14, 2022) Level 2 is for those who have taken Level 1 and is additional training. Starts on Friday, not Thursday!

Thursday - Morning & Afternoon spent on fit session one.

Friday - Morning session fit two - Afternoon session fit three.

Saturday - Morning session fit four - Afternoon session fit five.

Sunday - Morning and afternoon session - sewing techniques. Ends at 2pm.

The cost for Level 1 is $895. This will include all instruction. The
workshops will be held in Dallas.

The cost for Level 2 is $695. This will include all instruction.


Please email me () with any questions you may have. I am excited about this wonderful opportunity. I look forward to hearing from you.

Become a Spiffy Pattern Fitting Instructor!

$895.00 Level 1
Limited Space

$695.00 Level 2
Limited Space


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