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"Fit-2-Stitch Fitting Trifecta Tour"- #4

We are thrilled to announce our Fit-2-Stitch Fitting Trifecta Tour #4. We will travel to Nashville, TN; Reston, VA; and Philadelphia, PA. At each of those places, will conduct our Hands-on fitting workshops. In these workshops, Everyone's A Winner!!! Once you attend a Hands-On fitting class, you will "get it" and you will be so motivated to sew, sew, and sew!!

Here's how it will work. There will be 2 workshops in each of these 3 cities... Nashville, Reston, and Philadelphia..

1. #195 The Sweater Set.

2. #3400 Yoga Pant.

Each workshop is limited in attendance. Each workshop will be conducted by Peggy Sagers and each individual will be fitted by Peggy Sagers. There is such value in a group fitting as we see many different issues besides our own. Much is gained by looking outside our own fitting.

With each registration, our Book on dressing rules, "Dressed to Kill Gently", is included in the workshop and will be mailed upon Registration. (Limit one book per registrant).

Prior to the workshop, you will make a knit muslin of the #195 Sweater set, or the #3400 yoga pant and bring that muslin to class with plenty of pins, scissors, the tissue pattern and a french curve. We will drape that muslin in class and have a really fun time learning to drape. Peggy will pair you up and teach you how to drape one another, then Peggy will make sure each drape is accurate. We will learn how to also transfer those changes to the tissue or use the muslin as your new pattern. Directions to make the muslin top or pant are here, in the left hand column of this page, please read carefully:

Fit-2-Stitch Fitting Trifecta Tour will be at the following cities on the following dates. First come, first serve and space is limited. $99.99 per workshop per person.

Saturday 10-12:30 pm, July 13th, 2019 Tops Class in Nashville, TN
Saturday 1-3:30 PM, July 13th, 2019 Yoga Pant Class in Nashville, TN
Sunday 12-2:30, July 14th, 2019 Tops Class in Reston, VA
Sunday 3-5:30 PM, July 14th, 2019 Yoga Pant Class in Reston, VA
Saturday 9-11:30 AM, July 27th, 2019 Tops Class in Philadelphia, PA
Saturday Noon-2:30 PM, July 27th, 2019 Yoga Pant Class in Philadelphia, PA

Stay at the hotel at all locations. We have a great rate for our group. Just send me an email,, and let me know you want to stay Friday and/or Saturday night. I will make those reservations for you. You will pay the hotel directly upon check-in.

Nashville, TN-will be announced 3/15/19
Reston, VA- will be announced 3/15/19
Philadelphia, PA- Hampton Inn Phil Airport, 8600 Bartram Ave, Phil, PA 19153. Room rate of $167.

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