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Sewing Tables by Sew Steady- *Holiday Special Below!!

You may have seen us use our own Sew Steady table in our TV show and webcasts!

These durable tables are clear and made of acrylic, custom-made to fit your sewing machine, and cut with a smooth rounded surface. Take measurements with ease using see-thru printed rulers, and store your accessories. The extra surface area this table provides is perfect for sewing with stretchy fabric.

We are offering two tables, a serger table and a sewing table so that you can sew and serge with ease. When ordering, please input the make and model of your sewing or serger machine.

The Table Accessory Pack includes Universal Sew Straight Guide, Spinner Tray, Travel Bag, and Polish Kit. The Travel Bag can hold up to 2 of either of our featured Sewing/Serger Tables. Protect your investment by keeping your table as good as new for years to come!

These accessories are sewing essentials that will end up saving lots of time and hassle. Utilize space with the see-through spinner tray, sew straight with the guide and keep your acrylic surface clean and clear with the polish kit.

Serger Table (18x24")
$89.99 plus $19.99 S&H

Sewing Table (18x24") * Holiday Special includes Large Travel Bag and a bottle of Acrylic Shine, FREE!! Now through December 15h.
$89.99 plus $24.99 S&H

Table Accessory Pack
$89.99 plus $12 S&H


Note: Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. Include an additional $20 shipping for orders outside of the contiguous 48 states.

As Seen On: "Practice Sewing Those Knits!

Accessory Pack



Serger Table
Serger Table (18x24")

Sewing Table
Sewing Table (18x24")

Accessory Pack
Table Accessory Pack