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The 5 Item Refresh Kit

Get this kit of 5 items to start the year off stocked. We will start this year off with sewing basics that include these 5 items.

We have put together these 5 items that can be your go-to stash of notions so that you have what you need, when you need it. And this should be a part of everyone's statsh this Winter/Spring as we prepare for Spring 2018!The 5 Item Refresh Kit

The 5 Item Refresh Kit includes the following 5 items:

 - Custom Made Silk Pins from Silhouette Patterns
 - Tie Interfacing, pre-cut in the shape of a tie (2 Pieces)
 - 5 yards Black Foldover Elastic
 - 2 yards of 2 Inch Wide Black Elastic
 - Silhouette Pattern Garment Labels -one pack

Get all 5 items for $29.99! Limited offer.

The 5 Item Refresh Kit includes 5 items-
$29.99 plus S&H

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