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Fabric: Black Stretch Denim
Washing Instructions: Cold water wash, low temp dry.
Width: 50"
Approximate Weight (by square yard): 4 oz

Recommended With: #1900 4 Button Jacket, #900 Carol's Jacket, or #3009 Capri Pant.

Description: #1404 / Black Stretch Denim is 100% cotton and just great to the touch. Definite denim twill pattern with one-way stretch. Denim is huge for fall and this fabric is perfect for any garment!! And of course a washing or two in coca-cola will make it better each washing!!

Price: $19.99 per yard

*Quantity must be specified. A quantity of 2 will double the yardage. Quantity is set to 1 by default but be sure to verify at checkout.

Black Stretch Denim
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